Read our statement on Comcast’s withdrawal of its bid to acquire Time Warner Cable.

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and tell the FCC to deny the merger.

Comcast wants you to believe that “Together is Better.” In reality, together is worse.
Here’s why.

The merger will give Comcast too much control over how and what we watch.

The merger will make Comcast a larger programming gatekeeper, concentrating in one company ownership of much of the programming we watch, and the power to decide how we can or cannot watch it. 

It’s happened many times before, as just one example: Comcast exploited a loophole to prevent Philadelphia sports fans from enjoying their teams on TV. 

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The merger will expand Comcast’s bottleneck control of the Internet.

Comcast already restricts its customers’ choices online, but a merged Comcast will become a bottleneck for high speed broadband that would stifle the innovation, choice, and convenience made possible by the Internet.

It’s happened many times before, as just one example:  last year, Comcast degraded streaming quality for millions of Netflix viewers.

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The merger will stifle competition.

Comcast’s control over video and broadband to the home will enable it to stifle competition – not only from competing cable and Internet providers, but from a range of other competitors including independent programmers, set top box manufacturers, and even alarm system and other automated home device makers.  The result? Fewer choices for consumers, more control for Comcast.

It’s happened before, as just one example: read how Comcast discriminated against a rival news channel to give its own NBC properties an anticompetitive leg up.

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The merger will empower two companies with a record of anticompetitive acts.

Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable have already demonstrated they will use their power to block competition and choice. The victims of the anticompetitive conduct Comcast and TWC cable have already engaged in include:

  • Device manufacturers:

    Comcast has blocked programming to Roku, Amazon Fire and PlayStation users, among other devices.

  • Online video providers and their customers:

    Comcast degraded streaming speeds, harming consumers of Netflix and other content.

  • Sports fans:

    Comcast and Time Warner cable have denied access to sports telecasts to competing pay-TV companies and their customers.

and tell the FCC to deny the merger.

The Don’t Comcast the Internet campaign is driven by COMPTEL, ITTA (The Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance) and NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, which together represent more than one thousand businesses providing competitive video, Internet, Internet content, and voice services. We are calling on federal regulators to deny the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger and prevent the serious harms it poses to competition, innovation and consumer choice. For this purpose, we have formed a coalition called Networks for Competition and Choice.

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